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Fastest way to deploy powerful web apps.

KOR automatically sets up best practices and security on each deployment.


One Click AWS Integration

Automatically provision backend infrastructure in moments with best practices and security.


Headless CMS with Strapi

Deploy Strapi CMS to production in minutes. You can choose to use KOR's frontend that automatically deploys or your own.


One Click Git Integration

Fully integrate with Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab. Just push code and let KOR do the rest.


Manage Through KOR
One consolidated hub to get real time visibility of your projects.

Manage your projects. Have an overview of all the resources that your project is using. Visualize and project costs. Allow developers to work together seamlessly on projects and improve transparency within a team.


Team work


Costs savings


Review Score

Months to deployment

Months to deployment


KOR Minutes to deployment

Minutes to deployment

Faster, Cheaper, Scalable, Secure
Next generation cloud infra benefits


Costs Savings

Only pay for server costs when you have traffic. Most small projects stay within the free tier.



Never have performance issues when there is a spike in traffic. Same industry leading speeds if there is 1 user or 10mil CCU.


Faster Site

On average, users that switched to KOR from traditional infrastructure experienced a 6X to 10X increase in site speeds.



Many of the security vulnerabilities that traditional cloud infrastructure has is inherently removed.

Next Gen Cloud Infrastructure Questions?
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Infinitely Scale

Reduce Costs

10X Faster

Security Focused


How KOR Works


Connect AWS and GIT

1 Click connect to AWS and your Git Repo


Choose a KOR Project Template

Find a project that you would like to start with e.g CMS (Strapi), Custom Web App or Static Site.



KOR will automatically provision your infrastructure and create your project in Git.


Customize your project

Modify your project and push to production.



What Developers Are Saying

A great discovery!

"We benchmarked the performance for my client’s ecommerce store prior to moving onto KOR from Wordpress. We had a 800% performance increase which meant a smoother buying experience for customers.”

Roy Dennis, Freelance Developer

Make life easier

“KOR enables the developer to focus on code. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, making onboarding faster and code creation, management and deployment, easier”

Kenneth Yang, Frontend Developer at Fuzen

Quick and flexible

“Using KOR to set up our infrastructure reduced our backend build time from weeks to hours. KOR automatically orchestrates your infrastructure build with best practices and security without restricting flexibility or control. We still have full control of our infrastructure that we can customize and extend as we grow.”

Marco Brennan, DevOps at INL
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