KOR Platform

Deploy on Your Own Infrastructure
in a Few Clicks

Log in to your serverless environment.

Create and manage multiple functions.

Deploy anywhere with one click.

DevOps for Everyone

Decrease your time to market and have automated security, industry leading performance, infinite scalability, and cost efficiency. KOR automates all backend infrastructure creation so that the developer can focus on code.

Develop faster and smarter

Build and deploy with a few easy clicks. Stay organized and easily maintain your backend infrastructure on a simple to use dashboard.

Save time, effort, and money

Leverage all of the power of having our own Ops team without any of the cost. KOR automatically provisions the most powerful backend infrastructure to guarantee the fastest end user experience.

At KOR simplicity doesn’t have to come with restrictions.

Work Better as a Team

KOR lets you manage multiple roles and projects. Streamline communication, easy project sharing, and transparency to help facilitate the highest level of productivity within a team.

Improved Visibility

KOR makes critical information available to the whole team. No more provisioning additional tools or extra roles in web consoles. All information is readily available for each project.

What Developers Are Saying

A great discovery!

“We benchmarked the performance for my client’s ecommerce store prior to moving onto KOR from Wordpress. We had a 800% performance increase which meant a smoother buying experience for customers.”

Roy Dennis, Freelance Developer

Make life easier

“KOR enables the developer to focus on code. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, making onboarding faster and code creation, management and deployment, easier”

Kenneth Yang, Frontend Developer at Fuzen

Quick and flexible

“Using KOR to set up our infrastructure reduced our backend build time from weeks to hours. KOR automatically orchestrates your infrastructure build with best practices and security without restricting flexibility or control. We still have full control of our infrastructure that we can customize and extend as we grow.”

Marco Brennan, DevOps at INL

Built by Developers for Developers

Multiple functions and Habitats

KOR’s infrastructure orchestration platform lets you create “Habitats” to put your functions together. Manage as many functions and Habitats as you need.

Connect to services

Select the service you need and manage any configuration options from KOR.

Assign team-mates

KOR is a virtual workspace for creating and deploying intuitive, bug-free code. Assign roles and effortlessly onboard teammates.


Improve visibility by leveraging logs and monitoring tools for each project. Everything easily accessible in a single application.

All-in-one platform

Access all the resources you need in one place from the start of a project, including logs, monitoring or deployment.